We are a network of...

PARENTS of kids with special needs
RETAILORS who provide clothing for our needs
TAILORS of excellent caliber who can meet our clothing needs

In short, we are the Adaptive Clothing Network.


The Adaptive Clothing Network was founded and created by a mom who understands. By a mom who had the stress of figuring out clothing in the midst of too many other stressors. Read her story here.

Because the Adaptive Clothing Network was created by a parent for parents, parent priorities and needs will always be first. Partnering with retail is important, yet this site is committed to a family first approach. This is a special place to tell a story and meet a  need. 


We are partnering to build a network with three end goals: 

  • enabling parents to find special clothing needs more easily for their kids
  • showing clothing companies needs so they can create helpful products
  • connecting parents to a skilled tailor in those instances where there are no options in stores
network founder holding baby in NICU with feeding tube taped to chair

the vision

Phase 1

Parents Share Your Stories

Phase 1: We parents share our stories so we can connect and so retail can have insight into how clothing can be improved. 

Phase 2

Stories and Articles Posted

Phase 2: We will emphasizing posting articles that contain detailed product recommendations of what is already available.

Phase 3

We Network With Retail

Phase 3: While networking with retail can happen at all phases, a concentrated effort to reach out can happen when we have enough recommendations.

Phase 4

We Persist

Phase 4: As our network grows, we will have new challenges to keep up the momentum. 

Phase 5

We Have a Store?

Phase 4: Potentially we will see this space where we first shared our stories as a space to provide the clothing directly.

Phase 6

We Go Global?

Phase 6: An amazing future goal is to have a positive impact to families of many cultures and languages, bringing the network to new groups.

Share Your Story

Your story could be here! Please consider helping us get started by sharing your story of adaptive clothing needs. Your story can help others in similar situations. What were some difficulties you had finding clothes for your child? You can share your name or be anonymous.

Click the button to get started. Thank you for sharing!

Partner with us

At this time we are interested in:

  • parents sharing their stories
  • donations to help keep us afloat
  • like-minded parents joining the team
  • very talented tailors being listed as available for customized clothing.

We are not ready to partner with retail yet but we will list helpful places for parents to buy the clothing they need.